We bring technology, educators and community together to help change the way children learn.

About Us

Learning Marketplace provides high quality educational products with an emphasis on experiential learning. We empower educators from all over the world to contribute their products in order to provide a world class marketplace for learners.

Our products are all based on experiential learning. Experiential learning is best defined as the process of learning through experience - specifically learning through reflection on doing. We believe the approximate 1.8 billion youth population are deeply immersed in technology and they deserve a new way to learn. Learning Marketplace takes into account the following key findings:

According to one teacher survey regarding the problem with technology in schools (Washington Post 2013):

  • Nearly 90% of teachers felt technology has created a distracted generation with short attention spans.
  • 60% felt it hindered writing and face-to-face communication; i.e., communication with full sentences and longer has lost out to short snippets in writing or media.
  • Almost 50% felt it hurt critical thinking and homework ability.
  • 76% felt students were conditioned to find quick answers.

In short, the age of technology and media is affecting the way children cognitively take in information and how they interact with society at large. Traditional education is not always appealing to them and thus they aren’t learning as well as other generations.

At Learning Marketplace, we offer enrichment products that enhance children's decision making capabilities through unique products that expand their brains and hearts. We want our future world leaders to be sincere humans that lead themselves and their communities well. Our enrichment learning products are all founded on our key values of compassion, collaboration and contribution. All of our learning experiences aim to encourage our learners to live their best life through 8 overarching objectives:

1. Strong critical thinkers

2. Effective communicators

3. Empathetic humans

4. Intentional decision makers

5. Lifetime learners

6. Productive members of society

7. Conscious transactors

8. Economically empowered

Submission Requirements

We encourage educators to submit their own education products. We offer a generous royalty share while allowing all products to be owned by the contributor. We believe in the power of community and energizing the education economy! Our framework for submission requirements are the following:

1. Clear objective for learners

2. Well researched "nuggets of knowledge"

3. Reflection exercises

4. Call for action to the learners to incorporate the knowledge into their everyday life

5. Afterthoughts - exercises to regroup on the knowledge and experience gained

All community sourced product submissions go through an intensive product review from our quality review board consisting of educators with over 30 years of classroom experience.

Learning Marketplace is powered by Youthful Savings - an education technology company that has been inspiring youth through economic empowerment for over 5 years.